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Adornament E​.​P.

by Cal Folger Day

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Rocked in the cradle of the train A silver pond by the golden reeds at the substation Healthy busy waterbirds Envy has taken hold of me and shaken me Home's a place where I go crazy if I stay That's a little crazy, you know you love JJ Fuddy-Duddy is my rap name Closing down departments, shutting off parts of the brain Depreciating the power to think in 3-D (dee dee dee dee dee) A witch once asked me what's my favorite fingernail If I was a real girl, I'd have a favorite fingernail My thoughts don't huddle round that now, they cuddle round me now I'm cutting off rooms of this brain-house He asked his father how he does it Because it's hard, because it's hard His father said he's just that kind of man, just that kind of man
U Caused Me 02:36
My head was on a bit of fire And the thought, it was a man The day got longer and I was gonna die at any minute In the end I didn't You caused me to spend my money You caused me to feel this way Hey, check those lineaments What a miscreant Circumstances are the determinant For any miscreant You caused me to spend my money You caused me to feel this pain Hello, miss Just Unbelievable Why don't you just shut the hell up? If it was me with the wine I'd surge the ruby liquid Through the bottleneck at your face You caused me to spend my money You caused me to go insane
Interlude 01:29
If a crazy woman Without a charm to her name Or even a name to maintain Or any space at all Between her mouth and her brain Well, anyway, if that kind of crazy woman Was so clearly in love with me So clear even I I couldn't help but see Then I might run away from me
Honest 2nite 04:00
Do you think I need to suffer more? Be attentive, and don't look bored Pander to this quivering wreck Who bows her head and bears her neck I'm just being honest tonight Even though it's nice out there I'm in here learning how to talk I'm stubborn and I'm insane But you can't just ignore me And I can be honest tonight People may believe a young girl To know what she's talking about They'd like to see her try I hear myself try to know what it's about Be brave, be brash, be honest tonight When they called me a cold fish I was like, but why would I want to touch human? I do like to write down moral solutions In wartime I might've been a useful woman I'm just being honest tonight Triangles please the eye and the bridge And the child, they're strong and distinctive But I'll take the hypotenuse I want the shortest distance I want to be honest tonight Send me a sonnet on other days Give me a puzzle on other days Beat round the bush any other day I'm now talking to you in a different way I'm talking honest tonight I've been sent on an errand quite urgent Someone must take care of this part of the trick If I think of the deed as heroic Maybe that'll take care of the fright For I must be honest tonight
Stoopid 02:48
If only you were stupid Then this would be easy From where you take it out on me It's clear where you're unhappy If only you were stupid Then you would be happy You simply can't get certain work done And yet you think I'm just here having fun If only you were stupid Then this would be easy As far as I know we're both opening our minds To new things and stuff all the time It isn't like it wasn't yesterday Why the hell did ya have to pledge allegiance anyway? If only you were stupid Then this would be easy I defended you, I befriended you I hastened to you, I said, if you Ever say that to me again, that's the end You didn't have to If only you were stupid Then this would be easy You said everything we disagreed on all at once And you did it so obviously on purpose If only you were stupid Then you wouldn't be so mean If only you were stupid Then we -- you'd be happy
Beauty is for longing Melancholy, like a stranger Romance is for solitude The brain works by similitude Nothing wanted me to be losing you And here at sunset I liked the view The sky, the curtsy of the trees The ribbon from the plane that democratically Reflects the same sun as any cloud Wisteria hysteria Myrtle-Wyckoff area Where should we bury ya? Pretty as hell, Bristol Falls Erode, deride your strength It works by rote, it won't be changed Faith is the word I'm looking for Where the hell are ya? Here, let me press you And how could grandeur crumble you? Pretty as hell, Bristol Falls Where the hell are you? Here, let me press you


released February 9, 2015


All songs written and performed by Cal Folger Day
Produced by Cal Folger Day

Recorded at:
Basement Floods Records (Woodstock, NY)
Alfionn Recordings (Dublin, Ireland)
Shampoodle Studio (Brooklyn, NY)

Chris Barry, guitar. Bob Gallagher, vocals. Craig Judelman, violin. Nick Lerman, guitar. Alex Penman, bass. Rebecca Tello, vocals.

Mixed and mastered by Forest Christenson, Overstory MCA, Columbus OH.

Special thanks to Trevor Wilson.


all rights reserved



Cal Folger Day Baltimore, Maryland

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