2016 singles

by Cal Folger Day

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released December 7, 2016

recorded by Christopher Barry at Ailfionn Studio, Dublin
mastered by Forest Christenson
photo by Kevin Anda


all rights reserved


Track Name: Rawking Chair
Tho now you mourn the loss of me
You've treated me expendably
I'm leaving my position
It hasn't been a bad situation
But the annoyance looms large in my imagination
The civilizing factor slowly loses traction

How can you disappoint someone
Who doesn't believe in you?
By reminding them they don't believe in you
By proving their doubts untrue
What's still important is dalliance and variance
They've already sat on all the ants in their pants

My fuddy-duddy business sense
My detail-focused pleasantness
I've been kind but now I smile in victory
They are currently now at my mercy
We've come to terms with where we disagree
That's really a very pleasant place to be

My lame-ass conservation mind
My careful, anxious axe to grind
What we banked on is my sense of responsibility
My pleasure in all interior authority
They definitely felt I was a real catch
However I never hypothetically committed to the task

They're impressed with my autonomy
They see clean counters, fawn on me
They only have skeptical faith in me
But only 'cos I'm such the fucking best nanny
They trusted me to be less artsy
Idle, peripheral, dirty dirty little life eddy

How can you disappoint someone
Who doesn't believe in you?
I'm leaving my position
It hasn't been a bad situation
Track Name: Song from a Party
If you'd a-got here before me
I'd leave with you whenever you'd want to leave
If you'd a make it in 40
I'd hang around, I'd buzz you in when you'd ring
If you'd a-come in troubled
I'd have taken your shit
If you'd a-come in & bubbled
I'd have read your lips
If you'd a-come in happy
I'd a-known it might've been somebody else that you'd seen
If you'd a-come in laughing
I'd have known the joke might be on me

If you'd a-come in with her
I would have been impressed
If you two had snuck out the back door
I never would have guessed
If you'd a-come in at all
What chance had I to say anything good or kind
If you'd a-come in to find me at the wall
Would you even pay me any mind
If you'd a-come in no never at all
I'd blame myself for waiting
If all the stars went out at once
I'd blame my own sight for fading

Now you've just walked in
Now I'll just end this song
Now we're kissing
No I haven't been waiting very long
Track Name: Dear Lord & Father
Dear Lord & Father of mankind, forgive our feverish ways
Reclothe us in our rightful mind
In purer lives, thy service find
In deeper reverence, praise

Drop thy still dews of quietness 'til all our strivings cease
Take from our souls the strain & stress
And let our ordered lives confess
The beauty of thy peace

Breathe thro' the heats of our desire thy coolness and thy balm
Let sense be dumb, let flesh retire
Speak thro' the earthquake, wind, & fire
O, still, small voice of calm

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